Make weekly routines to get things done: Example schedule

I believe very strongly in routines and habits. One of the best ways to make sure you get something done routinely is to have weekly routines which you schedule on your calendar. By quickly reading this article and keeping a bookmark to it for your reference you can easily look at it and come up with ideas for your own weekly routines and a schedule for them.

Weekly Routines

Today we are going to work on establishing our weekly routines. These are things that need to be addressed often but don’t need to be done daily. Having a weekly schedule of things that need to get done can free up a lot of time. For instance, washing and cleaning out your car once a month may take you an hour or two. If you do it on a weekly basis it should take you less than a half an hour. You just saved yourself at least 30 minutes on this one task. What will you do with the extra time?  There are a number of things that we can do weekly to free up time, we just need to take some time now to figure out how to save time later.

Monday – Power Hour
Monday is our Power Hour day, this is an hour of power cleaning. This is not detailed cleaning, it’s about freshening up our homes until we are scheduled to do the detailed cleaning. I like to complete this on Monday because it can get pretty messy after a weekend of everyone being home and trudging in and out. You only need to spend about 10 minutes per task and you’ll be done. I usually get the kids involved with some of the tasks and we can get through the list a lot quicker.

  • Change the Sheets
  • Empty the Trash Cans
  • Quick Wipe: Doors, Windows and Mirrors
  • Clean the Microwave
  • Vacuum & Sweep and/or mop
  • Dust

Tuesday – Office Day

Tuesday is our Office Day. This is when we set aside time to take care of our home office duties. Setting one day a week aside for home office duties helps to keep a handle on all of the correspondence that we receive via our mail box and our emails. It also helps to keep our bills up to date, avoiding unnecessary late fees and ultimately hurting our credit. When you keep up with this on a weekly basis you find that you will save yourself a lot of time and headache in the long run.

  • Pay Bills
  • File Paperwork
  • Respond to Emails
  • Clean out Junk Mail Folder
  • Organize Desk
  • Write Letters
  • Make Phone Calls

Wednesday – Me Time

Wednesday is our Me Day. Today is all about setting some time aside to reward and pamper ourselves. Our lives get so busy throughout the week and we tend to put ourselves last on our list of priorities. Most of the time never getting to the end of the list. Making yourself a priority is more important then anything else that is on your list. Without you, your list is meaningless. So give yourself a break and have some “Me Time”.

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hair Appointmens
  • Facial
  • Massage
  • Watch a Chick-Flick
  • Read a Good Book

Thursday – Errand Day

Thursday is our Errand Day. Today we will be running errands and showing some love to our car. We will return items, drop off donations, do our grocery shopping, go to scheduled appointments (which we always set on Thursday’s), and take care of all the tasks that require us to drive. When we are finished with our errands we’ll show our car a little gratitude.

  • Clean out the Refrigerator – I like to get rid of any leftovers that may be looming in the back and I do a quick wipe down of any spills or finger prints. My garbage pick up is early on Friday mornings, so I like to get the refrigerator cleaned out before the garbage man comes. There is nothing worse than having discarded food, sitting outside in a trash can on a hot day.
  • Take out the garbage – I give this to the kids as a chore.
  • Go Grocery Shopping – Since I have a clean and empty fridge, this is when I do my weekly grocery shopping.  It is so nice to come home from shopping and be able to put things right into the fridge without having to fight for space.
  • Drop Off Donations – Almost every week my 20/20 produces at least one small box of items to be donated. If you remember from the 20/20 training when you fill the donate box it is to be immediately placed in your car. Since the box is already in my car I drop it off on my way to the grocery store, this saves me time and gas.
  • Appointments – I schedule all of mine and my family’s appointments for Thursday (if possible). Having appointments always set on the same day of the week, makes it easier to remember. I like things to be simple.
  • Return Items – If I have items that need to be returned I do it while I am out to save time and gas.
  • Wash and Vacuum the car – Every week, she (the car) gets cleaned up – a bath, cleaning out the inside and vacuuming. I do this every week, whether she needs it or not, because it saves time and money.
  • Fill up the Gas Tank – I like having a full tank of gas. A few years ago, my son got very sick in the middle of the night and we had to rush him to emergency. We started heading to the hospital when the gas light came on and because it was so late many of the gas stations were closed. We had to go out of our way to get gas, it could have ended up being a bad situation, but since then I always make sure to have gas in my tank.
  • Check the oil – I check the oil and add any, if needed. I will also have the oil changed, if it is due.
  • Check tire pressure – I carry a tire pressure gauge in my glove box. Every week I check the pressure in my tires, if they are low I will add air. It is important to know the pressure of your tires and to keep them all at the same pressure. Doing this helps to extend the life of your tires which will save you money. It will also give you better gas mileage which helps save money.

Friday – Dilly Dally Day & Date Night

Friday is our Date Night and stop Dilly Dilly-Dallying Day. It’s time to take care of those things that you have been putting off until you have time. Well guess what, today is the day that you have time. Throughout the week I come across little things that need my attention or I find small craft projects that I want to try, but I just don’t have the time to do them. So I put them on my Dilly Dally list that I keep in my Reminder Binder and when Friday finally rolls around I know that I have time to tackle them.

Friday is also mine and my hubby’s date night. We make our date night plans every Sunday. This week we decided to grab a bottle of wine, a couple of subs and a Red Box movie and driving to a special hide away in the woods. We are working on a tight budget so we try to find inexpensive things to do. The Red Box movie is for the DVD player that we have in the car.

Saturday – Family Day

Saturday is our Family Day, it is all about the family. Throughout the week everyone is going in different directions. It’s nice to set one day aside so that we can accomplish things together as a family and reconnect. Our Family Day starts at the breakfast table, where we hold our family meeting. We discuss everyone’s accomplishments throughout the week as well as any issues that need to be addressed. After breakfast we begin working on a weekend project together. Once we are done with the that we end the day by doing an activity together as a family.

  • Family Meeting
  • Work on a weekend project together
  • Plan something fun to do together

Sunday – Planning Day

Sunday is our Planning Day. This is the day that we take time to plan our week. Everyone’s schedules, activities, commitments and appointments are written down in the Reminder Binder. We also use this time to plan our date night, family day activities and create our menu for the week.

  • Log everyone’s commitments for the week
  • Plan Family Fun Day
  • Plan Date Night
  • Create Menu/Shopping List

Setting aside some time once a week to coordinate everyone’s schedules eliminates unnecessary stress and frustration. It also takes the last minute guess work out of deciding what you are going to do on your family fun day or date night. It’s nice to start the week out knowing exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Note: This article was not written by Munro, but has been posted in full here because I could not find the article on the Internet anymore. If you are the author or know who wrote it please contact me and I’ll replace this post with a link to the article.

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